Fake it

January 15, 2015

(Images from Vogue, Pinterest, Lui Magazine, & Tumblr)
Got some favorites and a few tricks when it comes to self tanning. Don't like booths. Don't like to get airbrushed. Like to do it myself. The task seems rather daunting until you dive in a few times but gets easier with practice. Trial and error as to what products are your flavor but I love James Read for body and Clarins for face. And the tanning mitt is KEY. It absorbs and distributes the product evenly. Don't attempt without it. Not just any mitt as some get weird and leaky and leave you with tanned palms. James Read constructs a mean mitt. Get around five uses out of it. Always exfoliate before you start. I use a natural loofah in the shower, nothing fancy. When I'm in a rush, I use the express body mask. It's clear, leave on for thirty, wash off, and tan develops throughout the day. Lasts about four days. It will not get you as tan as the liquid tan medium, which is very deep and generally the color you see me wearing. I wear liquid tan medium for eight hours, wear light clothes, wash off, and the tan lasts for about five days. Exfoliate off. Repeat. Oh! the fingers and toes — have a trick for this. I apply to these guys last with a q-tip. Works perfectly. For face, I use Clarins. The most natural color and I've tried my fair share. Re-apply every other morning or night even under make-up. Like to top off with the hoola bronzer from Benefit or the naked flushed palette from Urban Decay. That's all I've got. Let me know how you go with it. xo